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Sunny cod. ITAF13

- profile

Style: Warm, deep, sensual, institutional, lively, incisive, dynamic.

ITAF13 24h delivery

Joe cod. ITAM16

- profile

Style: Warm, deep, institutional, narrative, incisive, persuasive, versatile.

ITAM16 24h delivery

Zaira cod. ITAF18

- profile

Style: Warm, institutional, energetic, young.


Alexandra cod. ITAF22

- profile

Style: Lively, energetic, versatile, enthusiastic, warm, institutional, persuasive, dynamic, sensual.


Alessia cod. ITAF28

- profile

Style: Warm, fresh, deep, sensual, ironic, cominc, dramatic, cartoons.


Milena cod. ITAF29

- profile

Style: Dynamic, fresh, sensual, lively, incisive.


Elio cod. ITAM32

- profile

Style: Emotional warm, deep, captivating, energetic, engaging, institutional.

ITAM32 24h delivery

Bianca cod. ITAF46

- profile

Style: Institutional, fresh, energetic, engaging.


Victoria cod. ITAF70

Style: Teenager, sunny, synamic, energetic.


Davide cod. ITAM70

Style: Energetic, warm , lively.


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