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FAQ – Consult the information sheets with the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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No. Preparing, recording and editing a voice-over project is very time-consuming. So you must make sure you give us your final version. After the recording process is complete, you will generally be charged separately for any changes.

If you give us precise instructions at the start, we’ll make sure the first recording meets your expectations. We will record the script again at no extra charge if the Customer detects any errors in pronunciation, or in the style of delivery used by the Voice-over actor (if these contravene the guidelines previously provided by the Customer). On the other hand, if these are due to changes in the text made after confirmation of the order, or to suggestions about reading style that differ from those indicated with the order, then an extra charge will be made for whatever re-recording is required.

A minimum charge of € 100.00 + VAT will be made for a retake in a foreign language, and € 80.00 + VAT for a retake in Italian. Any requests for retakes should be made through our normal contact channels and within five working days from the time the recording is delivered. Changes required due to lack of information from the Customer will usually be charged for separately.

If your voice-over is intended for use in the public domain (for example on your website or in social media) in order to make or increase profits, you will require a copyright disclaimer. The cost of this will be included in the quote you receive.
N.B.: If your voice-over is designed to be broadcast on the radio, on national or satellite TV, or on online streaming services, then you will need a broadcasting rights disclaimer.

You need broadcasting rights if your voice-over is intended for use on the radio, on national or satellite TV, or on online streaming services, with the aim of reaching a wide audience. Advance payment is required for a broadcasting rights waiver, at a reasonable cost to the Customer.

We can record voice-overs in any language. We have a pool of over 1000 Italian and international voice-over specialists, actors and dubbers, all based in their home countries. They have all been carefully selected, monitored and trained and have worked with us successfully for many years.

We deliver the recorded audio files quickly and efficiently: by email, via the Wetransfer or Dropbox platforms, or by using FTP to send them straight to your computer. The most commonly used file formats are wav and mp3. Some IVR applications may require vox files. There are hundreds of formats available, and if you are using an unusual format, we may need details about the codec to ensure compatibility.

All our quotes are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

It depends on the size and complexity of the project.
We can deliver smaller projects in 24 hours, if the voice-over actor is available straight away.
Our quote will usually indicate the lead time.
We will always do our best to deliver the finished project as quickly as possible.

The minimum price is around € 40-150 per folder, depending on the language involved, the length of the script (in pages or minutes), and the particular voice-over actor or dubber. The price covers the time spent in the recording studio, and the professional services of the actor and sound engineer.

To work out the number of minutes, just count up the words in your script and divide by 160. So a one-minute recording consists of about 160 words.

Payment is required at time of contract and can be made in various ways, including Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal, or PostePay.
We will start the recording process after payment is received.