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Demo Reel.

Stile: Conversazionale, amichevole, caloroso, eccentrico

Accento: Neutro, Inglese RP

Ha registrato per: Starbucks, Spotify, Mini, Samsung



Animation Showreel

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    I’m Lottie, an award-nominated British Voice Actor from England.
    I believe in keeping things real, that’s why I approach every project with a warm, conversational and down- to-earth tone that helps connect with audiences on a deeper level. From explainer videos to corporate presentations, I can help you deliver your message with clarity and impact.
    Whether you need a voice that feels like a friendly chat with your closest pals, a quirky character or a guiding
    hand for a corporate video, I’m your gal – my real and authentic sound can add that personal touch.

    characters, accents.

    Session Link Pro, Cleanfeed, SourceConnect.

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