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Demo Reel.

Stile: Calda, profonda, colloquiale, istituzionale, professionale, informale ed amichevol

Accento: Neutro, latino americano, venezuelano, messicano.

Ha registrato per: FOX, Discovery, NatGeo, Walmart, Google, Amazon, Bimbo, Nintendo, Toshiba, Pepsi Co., Phillips, FedEx, Siemens.

demo reel

demo reel catalan

demo reel venezuelan



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    International voice-over artist, since 2004.

    I’ve recorded any kind of voice-over project, for major clients such as PepsiCo, Walmart, Google, LinkedIn, Nintendo, Philips, Nissan, FedEx, and hundreds more.

    I’ve also worked on the Latin American Spanish versions of documentaries and series produced by international TV channels, including FOX, Discovery and NatGeo.

    I can deliver a wide range of dynamic nuances and styles, whether you need a deep engaging tone for a movie trailer; a unique voice for a TV Commercial; a warm and natural read for a documentary; or a friendly conversational feel for a corporate video.

    Voice-over recording, narration and dubbing into Spanish.

    Source-Connect, Zoom, Meets, Skype.

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