What is the Talking Label and How Does it Enhance Your Shopping Experience?

For a long time now, especially in the food industry, we have placed great importance on what we buy, its origin, and how it’s packaged. Every product destined for sale comes with a QR code, but the real game-changer is the QR code applied to food products. By scanning it, you’re given the choice to access the conventional information link or to listen to product details narrated by a professional voice. Often, time constraints prevent us from reading the information on the packaging, but with the Talking Label, this barrier is broken. As you continue with your purchases, all you need to do is scan the product’s QR code and listen to its detailed information, almost as if an expert from the manufacturing company is guiding you.

A significant and simultaneously delightful benefit is the ability to entertain children during the inevitable waiting periods that parents encounter during shopping. You can choose whether to opt for a serious, institutional tone or to adopt a voice that’s friendly and amiable, in line with the nature of your product. In both cases, the Talking Label adapts to your needs, making the purchasing process more informative and engaging.

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