Voiceover o Voice over?

Voiceover o Voice over? How to stand out in a world of redundant information? The choice of words can make a difference and lead to extraordinary results. If you’re also wondering whether the term « voice over » is written as one word or hyphenated, you’re in the right place.

A Google search reveals that « voice over » is the more searched term, followed by « voiceover. » However, if you’re a voice professional, choosing « voice over » as a keyword might not be the most suitable choice for SEO. In fact, this expression could lead to misleading search results, such as Apple’s VoiceOver software.

Instead, the more appropriate term for SEO purposes would be « voice overs. » With a solid 3,600 global searches per month, this phrase proves to be the best option for industry professionals, as it avoids confusion with unrelated products or services.

According to Dictionary.com, the correct term is « voice over, » defining it as the voice of a narrator or announcer off-camera.

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