PROMO italian voices.

Dive into the Christmas spirit with the unique voices of our Santa Clauses and Befanas! Discover our promotion dedicated to Christmas-themed voices for your special projects in 2023. Add a magical and festive touch to your audio productions and provide a unique experience to your audience.

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Antonio cod. ITAM1

- profile

Style: Énergique, enthousiaste, polyvalent, institutionnel, incisif, persuasif.

ITAM1 24h delivery

Rita cod. ITAF3

- profile

Style: Frais, drôle, institutionnel, dynamique, fluide, émotionnel.

ITAF3 24h delivery

Paola cod. ITAF6

- profile

Style: Chaleureux, clair, institutionnel, ironique, dramatique, profond.


Joe cod. ITAM16

- profile

Style: Chaleureux, profond, institutionnel, narratif, incisif, persuasif, polyvalent.

ITAM16 24h delivery

Roberto cod. ITAM19

- profile

Style: Chaleureux, profond, institutionnel, dramatique, incisif, persuasif.

ITAM19 24h delivery

Andrea cod. ITAM28

- profile

Style: Énergique, incisif, chaleureux.

ITAM28 24h delivery

Elio cod. ITAM32

- profile

Style: Chaleureux émotionnel, profond, captivant, énergique, engageant, institutionnel.

ITAM32 24h delivery

Stefano cod. ITAM42

- profile

Style: Chaleureux, engageant, fortement empathique, institutionnel.

ITAM42 24h delivery

Gianfranco cod. ITAM50

- profile

Style: Warm, deep, emotional, friendly, emphatic, lovely.


Bruno cod. ITAM57

- profile

Style: Warm, deep, energetic, versatile.


Nicola cod. ITAM66

- profile

Style: Aggressive, Calm, Youthful, Energetic, Versatile, Warm and Emotional.

Demo PROMO non trovata!

ITAM66 24h delivery

Luisa cod. ITAF79

- profile

Style: Energetic, warm, colloquial, emotional, brilliant, institutional.


Antonio cod. ITAM80

- profile

Style: Warm, energetic, persuasive, intense, institutional.

ITAM80 24h delivery

Paola cod. ITAF80

- profile

StyleColloquial, friendly, versatile, modern, cool.

ITAF80 24h delivery

Giada cod. ITAF82

- profile

Style: Brilliant, Fresh, Reassuring, Enveloping, Energetic

ITAF82 24h delivery

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