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Demo Reel.

Style: Deep, engaging, calming, authoritative, comedic, wry, narrative, dry, characterful.

Accent: Neutral, RP.

Clients: BBC, BBC Bitesize, BBC Radio, Tesco Mobile, Smith & Jones, Somethin’ Else Productions, Mebooks, Calibre Audiobooks, Raybot, Bad Sandwich, Full House Theatre, Bold Yellow, Little Fish Theatre, ESPN, Deadpan Films, Royal College of Art.

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    I’m an actor, voice-over artist, comedian and singer with 20 years experience in the industry. My deep, engaging voice is great for adverts, narration and corporate jobs that require resonance, assurance and authority; while my comedic side is perfect for podcasts, characters and the more upbeat side to commercials.
    I’m also experienced in dubbing, ADR and performance capture work and, for BBC Bitesize, have
    provided the literal voice of God!

    Commercials, character, acting, comedy, radio drama, narration, ADR, dubbing, singing.


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