Line M4 Milan.

Client: Hitachi Rail SpA

Voice: Paola ITAF45

Service: Voice over

Category: Vocal Messages, Underground, Metro

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Line M4

Line M4 Milan

«The Voice of Milan’s M4 Line»

We are thrilled to share another successful chapter in our partnership with Hitachi Rail SpA and ATM Milano. With great joy, we announce the continuation of our collaboration in providing the voice for Milan’s M4 metro line.

Since the opening of Metro M4, we have been dedicated to giving voice to this essential infrastructure. Our mission is clear: to deliver impeccable and engaging vocal service, contributing to a superb travel experience for all passengers in Milan.

We are grateful to Hitachi Rail S.p.A and ATM Milano for their unwavering trust in us. The decision to continue our collaboration on this project is an honor we do not take lightly. It demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that every announcement and message is delivered with the right emphasis and tone, thus contributing to the comfort and information of travelers.

Being a part of this remarkable initiative that brings innovation and quality to the City of Milan fills us with pride. We understand the significance of this line for urban mobility and are determined to continue lending our voice to a service that enhances the daily lives of Milanese citizens.

Together with Hitachi Rail S.p.A, ATM Milano, and every passenger who travels this line, we are ready to continue this sonic journey, bringing voices that guide and inform. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.