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Demo Reel.

Style: Warm, enveloping, institutional, dynamic.

Accent: Neutral

Clients: TIM, G.Rana, Chateau D’Ax, A2A, Sisley, Relyens, Sperlari, AIA, Lancome.





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    I am a professional speaker, I have hosted radio programs for 25 years and I have recorded thousands of commercials, also collaborating as a copywriter with production studios. In the 90s I acted in the theater for a few years, always continuing to host radio and record commercials and editorials. I win a scholarship for an internship at the MAS in Milan with Ferruccio Amendola. In 2016 I attended an advanced dubbing course with Roberto Chevalier, of which I have a certificate. I currently collaborate with advertising production studios for commercials, voice overs and audiobooks. I have participated in many national and international radio/TV advertising campaigns.

    I am able to respond to the customer’s needs for multiple requests and possibly find different solutions.

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